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#61) grandfather of first person shooters, started the trend of multiplayer arena shooters, extremely important person in video game history, a programming genius.

#40) tumblr-tier third wave feminist, scam artist, liar, lazy, makes up information, doesn’t actually like video games, talks about women in video games with absolutely no nuance or interesting commentary.

and people say gaming journalism is a joke

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Look at this gif for 24 minutes instead of watching Soul Eater Not


Look at this gif for 24 minutes instead of watching Soul Eater Not

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Stone Cold Steve Austin on gay marriage:

"I’ve got some damn good friends that are gay. I’m absolutely for same sex marriage.

I don’t think that there is a god that says you cannot do this, you cannot do that. If two cats can’t get married, but then a guy can go murder 14 people, molest 5 kids, then go to prison and accept god, he’s going to let him into heaven. After the fact that he did all that s**t? See, that’s all horse s**t to me, that don’t jive with me.”

And that’s the bottom line…

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That Feel when you convince one of your townsfolk you like having around from not leaving your town like he said to you he was planing on doing near the end of the month (20th of April):

That feel when a few days later after not playing because of getting hammered by work for days on end you get a letter from him when you do log back on the game saying he did left after all:

That feel when you go to where your villagers house is just to find an empty lot where his house once stood even though he told you that he was going to stick around when you convinced him not to leave:

That feel when after your little rage fit you will miss him dearly still even though you only started playing ACNL about two months ago now:





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"Special Feeling 特別な気分"
Look at all these shy people, much adorabs <3
More about this Meme :D

Kill la Kill キルラキル

Satsuki Kiryuin 鬼龍院 皐月 by Kanasaiii
Nonon Jakuzure 蛇崩 乃音 by DIVA Cosplay
Uzu Sanageyama 猿投山 渦 by Wong Yokey Heng
Ira Gamagoori 蟇郡 苛 by Fry Fry Photography
Mankanshoku Mako 満艦飾 マコ by Sandra Tan
Mankanshoku Matarō 満艦飾 又郎 by Derek DiEnd

Photos by Blurmage Photography




let’s play a randomized nuzlocke.




no no. no no no no.





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