"I work for Reuters. I’m a journalist in the media business.

Back in 2008, I sat in a conference and reviewed some proposals to integrate news sources focused on electronic gaming into our RSS service as niche content providers.

We considered IGN, Gamespot, and a few other syndicated online info feeds.

Now, in order to white label a source as affiliated with Reuters, you need to run through a checklist of ~100 items that are necessary for journalistic integrity. The source and its organization has to score at least a 60 out of 100 for it to be considered fair and unbiased.

These tests are carried out by senior journalists, editors, and investigators.

NONE of the gaming publications scored higher than a 15. For reference, the National Enquirer scored a 38 and the MSNBC blogosphere scored 44.

Some failures included:
- Economic ties with publishers
- Acceptance of favors
- 0% of staff held journalism degree
- Very small percentage worked in other major publications
- No real editing process
- No accountability

tl;dr: Gaming “journalism” is a joke and the laughingstock of reporting media. Continue to read these publications if you want, but assume that everything you read is biased or an outright lie.”

Gaming news is officially worse than supermarket tabloids folks. Let that sink in for a while. These people are are several steps below “IS BRAD PITT CHEATING ON ANGELINA???” (via bonglorio)

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shots fired

Laharl’s tumblr Of Random Stuff turned 2 today!

  • WWE: Don't try this at home.
  • Chris Jericho DVD: We would wrestle after school, in the gym.
  • Shawn Michaels DVD: We would practice moves into the pool.
  • John Cena DVD: Me and my brothers would form a ring in our basement.
  • CM Punk DVD: We built a ring in our backyard.
  • Hard Boyz DVD: We wrestled on our trampoline outside.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
What do you think about the idea that gaming journalists are gonna all get together at the end of PAX and announce a term to replace 'gamer'?
laharlthecreator laharlthecreator Said:


That would be a strong contender for the funniest thing in the world. I cannot imagine a single thing that would make them out to be bigger clowns, and reveal just how laughably juvenile the entire industry is.

Fucking propeller beanies would materialize on everyone there from the sheer magnitude of pithy childishness that would be on display.

Can you imagine, like 40 people on stage, 25-30 of them being balding white dudes with beards, announcing that from now on gaming enthusiasts should call themselves ‘Digital Art Fans” or something equally cringe worthy? I’m having to choke back laughing thinking about it.