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Well that’s nice. It turns out now in my part of the world our cable company Shaw wants people to buy their digital box even though for the longest time when they were moving the channels to digital that people with antenna would only be affected not wired up to cable so now I only get up to 28 anything higher I get the message.

The website on the lower picture shown try’s to make the pitch that you need a box now because they are trying to make their internet faster even though I been using their Internet for years and it goes quite fast when I BitTorrent something already. I just think this is some cash grab because then again I remember TIC (This Is Canada)  we get ripped off of everything just about or tired to get ripped off.

I’m glad I discovered BitTorrent, YouTube, VPN where I can expand my viewing options a lot (BBC bitches) that in most cases these options are better then what’s on TV in Canada cheap half assed crap made in Adobe Flash or a very low budget production wise.

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